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For Love of a Pup: How A FB Community Brings Hope to One Family

You hear all the time how the Internet is a bad thing. Social networking is getting out of control. Kids online are seeing things they shouldn't. Marriages are ending, friendship become broken, nobody is listening to anyone because we are so hooked to our devices. And that may be true. However, over … [Read More]

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OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover

Removing your nail polish is now easier than ever with OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover. No more cotton swabs, no more scrubbing. Just wipe and go. It's really that easy.  These acetone wipes … [Read More]


Scion xB for the Fashionista

My husband posted on the Scion tC calling it a sleek looking vehicle for guys. I agree with him, but I wanted to share my own preference as a woman in the Scion xB that showcases expressive … [Read More]


Just cut it off: Chronic Shoulder Pain

You are probably wondering what I'm doing up at 4:45 am aren't you? Well I had to get up to pee of course. It would be the 95th time during the night my bladder decided to make a potty trip. But … [Read More]