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RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Coquitlam Center #AvionVIP

Imagine holiday shopping without the crowds, a chance for a break to sit back and relax for a few moments, take in the some Christmas music and lights, get some presents wrapped and enjoy the festive season. Oh if there was only such a place.  There actually is. RBC Avion Holiday Boutique … [Read More]

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Amope’ Pedi Perfect Feet #holidays

I hate wearing socks. I hate it because my feet always get too hot and feel like they can't breathe, which isn't really a problem in the summer wearing flip flops all day long. But wearing flip flops … [Read More]


Ollie Connected Toy Sphero

Earlier this year I introduced you to Sphero 2.0 an interactive gaming ball that not only aids you in learning and having fun, but is programmable. It was such a huge hit with everyone in our house … [Read More]


Imagine A World Without the Oil Sands

Mommy why is gas important? That’s the question my 8 year old asked me when we were discussing a friend of ours moving. They are moving to a new house with natural gas stove and fireplaces. I … [Read More]

OPI Wipe Off

OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover

Removing your nail polish is now easier than ever with OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover. No more cotton swabs, no more scrubbing. Just wipe and go. It's really that easy.  These acetone wipes … [Read More]