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Imagine A World Without the Oil Sands

Mommy why is gas important? That’s the question my 8 year old asked me when we were discussing a friend of ours moving. They are moving to a new house with natural gas stove and fireplaces. I explained to my LO that without oil or gas we couldn't do the everyday things we both love and need to … [Read More]

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OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover

Removing your nail polish is now easier than ever with OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover. No more cotton swabs, no more scrubbing. Just wipe and go. It's really that easy.  These acetone wipes … [Read More]


Scion xB for the Fashionista

My husband posted on the Scion tC calling it a sleek looking vehicle for guys. I agree with him, but I wanted to share my own preference as a woman in the Scion xB that showcases expressive … [Read More]


Just cut it off: Chronic Shoulder Pain

You are probably wondering what I'm doing up at 4:45 am aren't you? Well I had to get up to pee of course. It would be the 95th time during the night my bladder decided to make a potty trip. But … [Read More]