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Turning Your Hobby into the Career You Have Always Wanted

  Imagine being able to do what you love and get paid for it?  That's what millions of people who have hobbies dream of. Hobbies are usually activities that people do during their leisure time -- something to fill in the gaps between the time that we spend in the office and at home. … [Read More]

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LG Gets Smarter #Flipthebird

Being a geek girl I spend hours on end in stores like Best Buy looking over their televisions and computers. My dream is to one day own a very large and beautiful 80 inch LG Smart TV.  One … [Read More]


Saying Goodbye to a Legend: Pat Quinn

From the time I was a kid and put on a pair of skates and held a stick in my hand, I knew his name. Pat Quinn is a hockey icon in the industry and through the years I watched as he took my favorite … [Read More]