Police family fun day at the new water park

It was on impulse today when a friend of ours Kit told me the Abbey Police were having their annual Family Fun Day at Centennial Pool near Mill Lake.  So we packed up the kids and headed over there to check out the festivities and the boys had a blast.

I was so proud of PB he sat still to get his face painted and that is a big step for him because his OCD doesn’t usually allow room for such things.  But he really wanted to be a Tiger.
The New Water Park rocked hard core.  PB had a blast.  He stripped down to his undies since I had no idea the park was open and away he went to get sprinkled on.  He loved it!  The park is wide open with tons of space for the kids to run through the automatic sprinkler system.
PB manning the guns ready to shoot!
They had hot dogs provided by the Salvation Army for free, water bottles, jumping castle, fire trucks the kids could sit in and police sirens that went off every fifteen minutes.
Gamer gets ready to rock climb.  He looks thrilled.  I made him do it because he’s afraid of heights.  FACE YOUR FEARS BUDDY!
I was very proud of him because he got half way up which is much farther than he’s ever done before.  All in all we had a great family day.  The weather kicked ass, no more rain finally.  

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  1. Edie Mindell says

    Wow! What a fun-filled family day! Your sons surely had fun playing and trying out different activities. It's great to have outdoor activities like this one. :-)

  2. singedwingangel says

    OH that looks like a blast, ecept the rock wall I can' blame Gamer I am a fraidy cat of heights as well. I wish we had stuff like this aroundhere..

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