The Travels of Wiglinton and Wenks

Sometimes it’s hard as parents to know which sites will help your kids learn educationally, be safe for them to use and allow them to have fun, without cause for concern or worry about cyber bullying, stalkers and predators and poor content being viewed by your children as they engage in the online world.

That’s why I am so excited to share this review and giveaway of a new virtual world made especially for kids called WIGLINGTON AND WENKS.

Wiglinton and Wenks is an online virtual world where kids can travel to far away places, meet historical figures, make new friends, play online games, explore online places around the world and solve mysteries by becoming legendary travelers.

My thoughts: It’s a very very cool, interactive website that engages children in learning about history in such a creative and fun way that you “as parents” will be blown away by the ease of use and on the fun scale, this site packs a punch in gaming good times.

To start I created an account for my son which is totally free of charge and created a character for him so we could start playing.  The interface is set up much like, another virtual world for kids that causes a storm of giggles in our home as we are regular penguin users.

The difference between Wiglington and Penguin is that in visiting Wiglinton and Wenk’s my kids are actually learning about history and facts about animals, places and people which is totally cool by me.

The goal  (or mission) of the site is to gain your traveler’s passport so you can go off in search of historical figures who have lost their memory and help them get back to where they belong.  Each character created for your child can interact and explore the Wenk’s world by visiting a variety of lands and places.

For example.  I took a stroll into the pub to check out the scene and this is what I found.

Inside each shop, tavern and place kids visit there are mini games along the way.  For instance in the pub I played a round of pool and several rounds of darts, which I found to be easy enough for kids to learn and play on their own.  Gamer is eleven and I found another wonderful aspect is that by visiting Wiglinton and Wenk’s his reading vastly improved as he is forced to click and read about historical facts and facts pertaining to the game and how to move forward.

That’s fantastic!  At least as a parent that thrills me.

Each character has a Wiki card set up with a list of all the places they have visited, friends they have, awards they’ve won, pets they have and so forth.  It’s a way to communicate with their friends and the best part– parents can set up chatting to be in safe mode which means kids can only chat with pre-determined sayings “such as hi how are you, I’m great, are you having a good day” and what not.

This makes me feel much safer as a parent knowing nobody will be asking my child questions because he’s in safe chat.  And asking for personal information such as age, where you live, how old you are is prohibited by the mods of the site.


The kids meet nifty characters along the way in their travels where they learn more and more about the map and how it became stolen and by who.  Traveling is fun, once you obtain your passport by answering questions about the site which plays host to over 200 virtual scenes and is becoming the fastest growing virtual world for kids.

Here is just a bit about what critics are saying on Wiglington and Wenks

and here at

Disclosure:  I was lucky enough to receive a 1 month membership to the site Wiglington and Wenks for my participation in doing this review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and in no way did any compensation sway my feelings for this review of this site.

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