Summer activities for kids that won’t break the bank

With mid-June almost here and father’s day right around the corner. School will be out of session soon, which means kids running rampant outside, soaking up the sun, enjoying time with their friends.  It also means as moms and dads we get to hear a lot of this…

“I’m bored!”

“There’s nothing to do!”

“Can we go out?”

Kids today do not play the way we used to when we were kids. When I was a kid I was never bored. I was also never inside, sitting in front of the computer or video games.  I lived and breathed the outdoors.  We always used our imaginations to engage in playtime with our friends, and we never did day camps or went to movies or asked for money to create summer fun for us.

So How Can We Keep Our Kids Busy This Summer Without Breaking The Bank?

Here are some cool ideas you can try to engage both your little ones and your tweens to keep the whining to a minimum, the headaches for you down and all without costing an arm and leg.

KIDS BOWL FREE! – That’s right! Now across participating bowling alleys kids bowl for free in both the US and Canada. There is nothing like a couple games of bowling to keep the kids entertained. Check out to see if your local bowling alley or one close by offers this fantastic program.

SKATE PARKS -  Truth is kids love being outside. There are a couple of local skate parks out here in Abbotsford your tweens will love. I know JJ our son lives for the skate park. It’s a chance for him to make new friends, too.

WATER PARKS – Who wants to get wet and for free?  Sometimes a sprinkler at home just doesn’t cut it. So spend the day at your local water park. Pack a picnic lunch, take some goodies and blanket, sunscreen and a hat and enjoy being outside in the sun.  Kids of all ages love water parks and the best part. Kids are usually so tuckered after – bedtime is a snap!

TAKE A DRIVE – One of the things my kids love about summer is often Forgetful Dad and I will hop in the car and drive. Yep to nowhere and usually end up somewhere fun. Every city and town has an area of country road to explore with neat activities to find along the way. The cost in gas is cheap compared to spending the day at the zoo. Bring some music to groove to some tunes and roll your windows down for some fun!

TAKE A WALK WITH A MISSION – Walking is great exercise, and let’s face it. Here in BC we don’t get to do it as much as we’d like since much of the time it’s either raining or snowing. So when summer hits, take the kids for a walk with a mission.  Make a map of things to collect and go on a scavenger hunt along the way. Explore new shops and businesses along the way. By the end of the day your feet will be sore but the kids will have a blast!

CHECK YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY EVENTS – Community events are happening all over during the summer. Most of these events are free to families. Movies in the park. Renaissance fairs and festivals. Boys and girls activities at local community centers even offer fun times without breaking the bank, like LOONIE OR TOONIE swims.

Finding fun activities to do isn’t that hard, and if you are willing to spend a few bucks you can always check out your local museums, zoo’s, aquariums, science centers and other great activities to help keep your kids busy this summer!

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