Mommy Moments: teaching your kids to fib

Okay so we’ve all done it.  Taught our kids to tell a small fib.  This morning it hit me just how wrong and bad it is and how I didn’t know as a mom what I was even doing.

There I was in the bath tub, Trace standing beside me playing on my iPhone.  He didn’t go to school today.  Still in his PJ’s, waiting for me to get out of the tub to get him some breakfast and something to drink because he’s always so very thirsty in the morning.  I turned to him and said…

“Hey Trace don’t tell your teacher you didn’t go to school today because mommy didn’t have any lunch or snacks for you. Okay?  Instead just tell her you were sick.”

Trace looked at me funny.  “Oh so you are going to trick her?”

I frowned a little, thinking about what he said.  I shook my head.  “No honey. Mommy just want to get in trouble and have someone come here thinking I can’t take care of you and your brother.”

That’s when he turned to me and said with the most serious look a little boy could have.  “Mommy if you always tell the truth you won’t get in as much trouble than if you lie – remember…”

Okay it hit me. I’m a bad mom!  I was just trying to teach my kid to lie.  How great is that?

I’ve always taught the boys, tell the truth because you’ll never get in as much trouble than if you lie about something.  I mean that’s the right thing to do, right?  Being truthful will set you free – isn’t that how it goes?

It’s one day until pay day.  I’m out of snacks. I’m out of food. I have no milk. I have no bread. I have no juice boxes. I have nothing!  I can’t very well send my kid to school with nothing to eat. I didn’t want his teacher knowing, thinking I couldn’t take care of him.  It’s just moving killed us financially and it’ll take a while before we can catch up on anything.

Still, I shouldn’t have tried to teach Trace to fib.  It’s wrong.  Just because I’m scared for someone to know the financial hardships we are under.  It’s ironic my own words came back to bite me out of the mouth of my five  year old, who by the way was soooooooooo right in setting mommy straight.

Not one of my finest moments that is for sure.

It’s funny how sometimes what we teach our kids, we don’t adhere to ourselves. No wonder we look like jack-asses at times and our kids sluff us off and refuse to listen.  Perhaps practicing what we preach is something we should pay more attention to, instead of just teaching our kids. We should teach ourselves, too

Thanks Trace for setting mommy straight.  I appreciate it baby and I love you!

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