runaway dog: how to deal with a yorkie

This is Thomas doing what cats do best

I always wanted a dog, ever since I was a little girl and my parents made me giveaway my dog and on my birthday to boot, due to the fact I was allergic to the fleas the dog had.  Back then they didn’t have things like Advantage for pets.  So as I settled into adulthood, I also settled for a cat.

Sir Thomas is wonderful. He’s part Simese, part Tabby and has the most unique markings ever on a cat. For the past almost 18 years he’s been my true confidant.  My friend when I needed.  My teddy bear to cuddle (okay well when he’d let me) and he’s still going strong, looking younger each and every day.  I love him to pieces.

We had another cat named Eddison which the boys (especially Jake) absolutely adored.  He died.  Someone in our complex poisoned him.  It was sad and heartbreaking as a mother to watch my children deal with the death of (someone) an animal they loved dearly.

So of course I went out like the very next day to get a replacement.  I’m a true believer that although people say it’s too soon, when an animal dies there is always another one needing a good home and good hearts to give it love.  That’s when I walked into Pet Lovers here in Abbey.

Browsing the kittens, I of course couldn’t help but notice the puppies.  They were so adorable and so expensive, which caused me to look away. Can’t buy something with money you don’t have.  So I continued to look at the kittens.  But there was this one dog.  One puppy who kept trying to get my attention.  It was almost as if he was purposely trying to say “Hey ummm excuse me cats are great and all but pick me and I’ll be your best friend.”  

I don’t know how it happened.  One minute I was looking at cats. The next the lady at the pet store was bargaining with me and I’d made payment arrangements and went home with a dog!  It wasn’t until weeks later when I realized that my little pup had most likely come from an unsavory source and that puppy’s should not be sold in stores because of back yard breeding and puppy mills.  The Internet is a great thing, chalk full of information when you least expect it to keep you reading for hours on a topic you know nothing about.

Harley as a puppy with Trace

Needless to say – we now had a dog.  A Yorkie x Maltese, known as a Morkie.  A cross-breed.  Our puppy was now a member of our family and the boys were estactic to have him.  They named him Harley after the Motorcycle because although he is small he has a big roar (bark) for a little dog.

Harley and JJ

For the past year and half Harley has grown and matured, he’s fallen in love with each and every one of us. He’s been a good friend.  Yes friend.  He has not been a good dog. There are things about Yorkie’s I never knew.  Things I wish I had learned before bringing Harley into our family.

Yorkies are:

  • High energy dogs and need lots of play
  • They are the hardest dogs to train to listen
  • They are the hardest dogs to potty train

Harley is sweet but anytime the door is left open even for a second, he takes off.  He runs around the coop, he pees on everything in sight.  He has pooped and peed in my house, despite our crate training and taking him out regularly and keeping his meals on a schedule.  He’s like a teenager that refuses to listen!

Harley one year old

It’s frustrating me terribly because I can’t have a dog that doesn’t listen. I also cannot have a dog that pees and poops all over the house, it’s gross and disgusting and in our new place we don’t have hardwood like before (not that) it makes it better. But we have carpet. Light beige carpet which met more than its fair share of resolve since we moved in.

Sweet when he's asleep

I love Harley very much, I do.  I’ve read online on how to train him.  I have tried click training. I have tried treats and tons of praise when he does go outside.  It seems he’s good until it’s raining, then forget it. He won’t go outside. We’ve even tried training on pads in the house in a kitty litter tray.  Nothing works!

Any advice?  I’m going to pull out my hair until I figure out how to deal with a Yorkie.

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