Mega Bloks block squad police force rescue set | review


110533110-260x260-0-0_mega+bloks+mega+bloks+blok+squad+policeOur son Trace loves anything he can build, then destroy, then rebuild differently if he wants.  So when we had a chance to review something from Mega Bloks, well it didn’t even matter what it was. We jumped at the chance!  391 + pieces caught Trace’s imagination almost immediately. He kept looking at the front of the box, and couldn’t believe everything he could make.  Plus it’s policemen, so how cool is that?

All missions are possible when you team up with the three Patrol vehicles of the Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit! Build the Police Cruiser SUV – a top-of-the-line patrol vehicle with excellent control and zoom through the streets with your Blok Squad Police Officer! Construct the Police Force Carrier – a quick response Patrol truck designed to help transport Police Officers to the scene of an emergency and transport captured bad guys to jail! Assemble the Police Boat – a harbor cruiser captained by your Blok Squad Naval Police Officer. It is designed with high-performance engines and advanced radio equipment to help catch fleeing fugitives on the water! ~ Mega Bloks Website

The Mega Blocks Police Force Set retails for $24.99, which is a fantastic price I think for everything you get. I recommend grabbing some glad ziploc baggies so you can sort out the pieces once you get them altogether. The pieces come in sorting bags but nothing is marked so it’s kinda hard to tell which piece is for which.  I also find for kids ages (5) like our son, it’s easier if you go vehicle by vehicle, as looking at everything can be a bit overwhelming and cause some kids (impatient ones) like our son, to instantly feel as though it will take forever to get done.

Trace had a great time building with me. His favorite vehicle was the boat, and he wanted to take it into the bath with him. I have never put mega bloks in the tub, so I wasn’t sure how it would hold up.   But I thought, sure! Give it a go why don’t ya!  It was great. The boat didn’t float, but Trace played for hours with it, and when a piece fell off. He was easily able to put it back on himself, knowing exactly where it was supposed to go.

Now if only we could keep Harley from taking the pieces to chew on.  Silly yorkie!

Trace also loves the men that come with the play set.  Sometimes he uses them and pretends they are working without using the vehicles he made, which I think is cool!  The ideas, levels of engagement and imaginative play that kids can get out of playing with Mega Bloks is great fun for both parents and children.

Some key pointers from Mega Bloks

  • If instructions get lost you can visit Mega Bloks and download a PDF version. This is great for parents like me who misplace directions and instructions.
  • Mega Bloks are compatible with other building set brands, so you can use them again and again with different pieces to create new sets. The possibilities are endless.
  • Younger children will need an adults help to organize and find all the pieces to put together.
  • The set can be done in one day but should maybe be done in intervals because it takes a long time. So a little after breakfast, then lunch, then dinner like on a weekend.
  • These sets are recommended for children 5 and up and not for children younger as the small pieces could become harmful for them if swallowed.  Watch your pets, too!

The Mega Bloks Block Squad Police Force Rescue was tons of fun and would make a great birthday present for any child five and up!  Next we want to try the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station, it looks like fun!  Then my son said the Police and Firemen can save the people who are old and live in the apartments where we do – DOH!  Out of the mouth of babes, eh….  For more information on Mega Bloks visit

Disclosure: I received a Mega Bloks Block Squad Police Force Rescue Set from Child’s Play Communications for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.  Thanks for reading!


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