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tired of being poor | trying to survive in today’s overpriced world

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I’ve talked about this before, mainly because nothing changes, I feel down and depressed and need to vent when things get rough.  But really, I’m so damn tired of being poor! I’m tired of having no food in the house, needing things for my kids I can’t buy, not being able to pay the bills. I’m just plain damn tired!

I grew up poor, my father working as a cab driver in the city of Vancouver. Dad went to work late at night and sometimes we didn’t get to see him for days, while he drove other people to their destinations, often relying on their good nature to tip him well, just so he could provide for us. Mom ran an in-home daycare, looking after other people’s children. So growing up and having no money really wasn’t anything out of the norm for the us. We always had what we needed though.

Nowadays that is so much more difficult.

We went to Wal-mart (Forgetful Dad, the boys and myself) just to pick up a few things we needed. Things like toilet paper, milk, bread, a couple of snacks for the kids lunches, pet food and what not.  Not much.  I think in total we got 9 items.  9 items and the bill was almost sixty dollars! 


The prices for everything are going up.  Milk (4-litre) jug is now almost 5 bucks and we go through one four litre of milk every four days, and I only have two boys plus FD so I couldn’t even imagine a family feeding more than four altogether. Just shoot me now!

I’m tired of feeling stressed out. I’m tired of trying to decide … Do we pay our rent, hydro bill or the car payment and buy food and hope we don’t get kicked out.  I mean who can live like that? And yet thousands upon thousands of families have to make those decisions every day across Canada, and it’s jut horribly sad.

Worse – I don’t see it changing.

I miss working and being in control of how much money I made. Now, living off FD’s disability and child tax credit (along with the whopping 200 bucks) though I’m grateful for it (for Trace’s) disability. When you are a family of four and bring in $1400 per month and rents are around $1000 per month … How can our Government expect the homeless rates not to go up? If it wasn’t for our subsidy, being in a co-op, I know for a fact we’d be living in a cardboard box decorated by six year old with his crayons, wondering whether or not to eat that sandwich someone just threw in the garbage.

Every day I see it. More and more people struggling. Friends, family, my brothers, my kids friends parents – all working their a$$e$ off just to make ends meat and yet never getting anywhere.  It’s sickening and sad, especially when the prices of gas go up, housing goes up, groceries go up, bills go up, companies want more and more and more so they can get rich, while the rest of us get to know the pawn shop owner on a first name basis every other day of the week!


Thank God for Blogging!

I don’t make much money doing this, blogging I mean.  I don’t know how many bloggers do. And things have slowed down so much, I’m not even sure if I want to keep to going, but a part of me appreciates and likes working with companies.  If it wasn’t for the brands I’ve worked with, getting a gift card for groceries, shampoo to wash my kids hair, toothpaste even to brush their teeth, or a dvd in the mail so we could enjoy some entertainment. I’m not sure what I would do.

I guess I’m just fed up! We live in a world with an abundance of natural resources and yet all we do is tax the crap out it, sell it for profit and everything is GREEN WITH GREED.  Meanwhile people around us starve, children starve, people are homeless, job-less, our elderly are uncared for, while our governments take pensions in amounts that are enough to make me puke!

How about you? What does your family do to survive in today’s over-priced world?

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