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  1. Nolie
    Nolie at |

    My number one prep for my kid before a movie is eating lunch at home and letting him know as a snack he will get popcorn at the movie. Saves a ton of money.
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  2. Bonnie Way
    Bonnie Way at |

    We take our kids to any animated movies that hit local theatres, as we all love movies. Potty before the movie is a great idea. :) I'm not into 3D – it's more expensive and I don't find it makes that much of a difference, especially with the kids and the glasses, as you say. We've done it several times and usually one of our girls loses their glasses (I watched parts of Avatar without my glasses because my daughter had stolen mine…). You can also check http://www.pluggedin.ca/ for good movie reviews (and warnings about scary parts for kids). We put our daughters between us so we can talk them through any scary parts. :) And I can't wait to see Brave. :)
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  3. Lisa (Fab Frugal Mam
    Lisa (Fab Frugal Mam at |

    What a great primer, thanks! I was thinking of taking my kid to this movie and you gave me lots to consider. :) I think I may try to find a non-3D cinema… I don't think she'd like it!
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  4. Aeryn Lynne
    Aeryn Lynne at |

    Awesome!! Nothing worse than having to move for someone to hit the washroom in the middle of a film. If its a child I completely understand, but if its an adult, I tend to be less forgiving, lol. ;) No idea what my fave disney/pixar film is, theres so many and they're all cute/funny/crazy in their own right.

  5. Wendy [mapsgirl]
    Wendy [mapsgirl] at |

    I loved all your suggestions!! A few of them apply to ALL movies :)

  6. Christine (@chancesm
    Christine (@chancesm at |

    Great post, Jodi! Love the tips! So helpful! I wish I thought of this before I brought my little one to see her first 3D movie in the theatre! It did not go as I had anticipated! LOL!

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