I don’t know how she does it

The books say that kids take about two years to get over separation anxiety. There is no time limit for mothers — Kate

She works at an investment firm. She fly’s around making business deals, then comes home to a house with two things that are more important to her than anything — her kids. Her daughter resents her for leaving. Her son is two and loves seeing her when he gets the chance. Her sexy husband also works and misses her.  For Kate life is a balancing act.

I don’t know how she does it stars Sarah Jessica Parker one of my favorite actresses from Sex in the City who plays Kate Reddy, a working mom always on the go and the envy of almost everyone around her, except her office collague, the guy who wants her job because she’s damn good at it and her secretary who just doesn’t understand how she can have a business portfoli and snacks in a tupperware container and childrens cold medicine in the same bag.

I Don’t Know How She Does It is fun, sexy and smart and full of great laughs and some truths to motherhood and will definitely hit home to not only working mothers out of the home but working moms in the home. The truth is out there!  Based on the best selling novel by Allison Pearson, the story will hit home with people everywhere.

My favorite scene:

Kate and hubby Greg Kinear

Kate sends an accident email to the man (business mogal) she’s trying to land an account with for her firm that says she has to go to New York to blow somebody which was actually intended for her friend who asked for a girl’s night out. She gets to New York, flustered and realizing the wrong email got sent. The business mogal (easy on the eyes) Pierce Brosnan asks her if she still plans on starting the meeting (that way blowing someone) and she giggles nervously and tells him unfortantly no there have been budget cutbacks and then right at the moment when he laughs, she gets a text saying her daughter has head lice and Kate has been iching her head all day!

This movie made me bust a gut.  It’s witty humor was super contagious as I watched Kate scramble to make work and home balanced after her and her husband both got big breaks in their careers.  When Kate sings a lullaby because she can’t be there to tuck her son in. When she frets about life and missing the kids and talks about no freedom and then battles the sex appeal of her new boss.

Get I Don’t Know How She Does it today for the holidays. It would make a great gift for any working mom or family who balances life and suffers the trials and pitfalls of making it all work.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was paid. This post is 100% my own opinion.

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