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One thing I love about the holiday season is getting to watch all the movies I want. Not just Christmas movies either. There are some great blockbusters that come out around the holidays after being in the theater and DVD’s and Blueray movies make for great Christmas presents.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment rocks the Holiday Season with some classics and some new films to fit your budget!

The Caller: The callers stars Rachelle Lefevre (TWILIGHT), Stephen Moyer (TRUE BLOOD), Ed Quinn (BEHEMOTH) and Lorna Raver (DRAG ME TO HELL) in this supernatural thriller that is very dark and disturbing. Not quite a horror but more suspenseful, the caller mixes time and space from past to present and keeps you guessing all the way through. This movie is not for children and has some frightening scenes.


Fired Up! One of my favorite movies because not only because it stars Eric Christian Olsen from NCIS Los Angeles, but it’s campy and funny like American Pie. Great laughs, sexy and smart, the story revolves around two (very straight) guys who decide to try out for cheer camp in order to land babes.  Good fun!



Death at a Funeral: One of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever watched with an all-star cast including Chris Rock, Danny Glover, Tracy Morgan, James Marsden, Martain Lawrence and Luke Wilson. The story revolves around a family and the antics that follow them as they attend a loved ones funeral. Outrageous and just plain enjoyable!



Courageous: From the creator and producer of one of my favorite movies (Fireproof) Courageous follows four police offices through journey on the job, at home and in life. When tradgedy strikes, these partners in crime begin to embark on a life adventure to renew their faith, save their families, rekindle relationships with their children and find their way home. A truly remarkable film.


Jesse Stone Night Passage: This is the second to last installment in a 7 disk series that stars one of the most beloved actors of all time Tom Selleck (Magnum PI, Blue Bloods) as police chief Jesse Stone.  After his divorce and loss of his job as a homocide detective Stone heads to Massachusetts to a small New England Town to become the new chief of police.  Raw and fun to watch, Tom Selleck is awesome in this murder / mystery / drama.


Jesse Stone Benefit of the Doubt: Another hit in this great series. The character of Jesse Stone is amazingly fun to watch! A murder rocks the town of Paradise and Jesse (Tom Selleck) is back on the job, with half his police force gone he has to rely on his intuition to wade through the clues as the mystery unravels. Co-Stars Kathy Baker, Gloria Reuben, Robert Carradine and William Devane.


The Mighty Macs: A good hearted family movie that the kids can enjoy, Mighty Macs stars Carla Gugino and David    Boreanaz (Buffy and Bones) in this Rudy and Hoosiers type of feel good film. Inspired by true events, Mighty Mac takes you on a journey of one woman who just wanted to make a difference as the coach of Immaculated College girls basketball team. This movie made me cry and laugh and yes I even wanted to cheer as corny as it sounds. It was fantastic!


On Strike For Christmas: Put a little holiday spirit in your home and watch this great Christmas film! Quite enjoyable and is quickly going to become one of my favorites the more the I watch it. Joy is a mom of two college boys and she is a juggler of the family. She begins to prepare her family for Christmas, meanwhile everyone (the men in her life) just kick back and relax. So Joy decides to go on strike. Soon news of Joy striking over the holidays spreads and a movement of women is formed. Funny and a movie all women can understand.


Thanks to our good friends at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for lending us a hand with our holiday movie watching. These titles and more from Sony can be found online at or in your local stores for purchase.  Visit Sony Pictures today!


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