I pledge to take a stand against the NHL you should too: Just drop it!


I haven’t posted very much about the hockey lock-out lately which you all know between Jodi and I, we absolutely love the sport of hockey.  I’ve been sick to my stomach with the garbage and crap that has been ensuing between the players association and the owners in this third lock-out in 18 years.  Nobody can agree. It’s all about money. Nobody and I mean nobody stops to think about US – the fans who love and support the sport.

So what do we do?

I am all for the players association. I’ll tell you why. The guys are trying to keep what they had not gain something. They are simply trying to keep what the owners already gave them in the last CBA. The owners now claim they are broken. They can’t afford the salaries they already agreed upon. If they were so broken why then did Gary Betman come out and say the NHL is in great shape?  Why did they (the owners) give out right before the lockout these big big contracts to the players?

Why? Because they knew they were going to lock-out and wouldn’t have to pay them.

There is no compromise going on. There’s gibberish and chirping going on. If they don’t agree there is a possibility of dissertification which means they most likely will go to court and we the FANS won’t see hockey for a few years maybe. That’s just not right.

We watch the games… we buy the tickets … we pay the salaries … we keep the arenas going …

We need to be HEARD!

Some Fun Facts

  • All the Canadian teams made money last year or came real close to reaching their goals.
  • Edmonton’s owner wants more money from tax payers apparently or he will move the team to Seattle. (Mmmm being held hostage is fun!)
  • All the teams are under the same cap. So the players are basically paying compensation for bad ownership if the owners are claiming a loss.
  • Phonix had a buyer for their team who wanted to move the team to Canada a long time ago but he was denied. So instead they kept the team in a bad market with a team losing money.



We are the fans. We enjoy the game. We are sick of this squabbling over money.  Well now fans everywhere are taking a stand against the NHL (players and owners) because we are super sick of this.  There is a movement on Facebook and I am taking the pledge. You should take the pledge, too.

Don’t let the owners win!  #lockouttheplayers #lockoutthefans

Real fans take the pledge!

  • Lyndsay King

    Another possible tactic would be to ask input from connected NHL fans to send in and post info on the other non hockey related businesses owners are involved in that could also be boycotted.

    • http://rantsnrascals.com Jodi Shaw

      That's a great idea. The boycott is on now as they banned games till the 31st now.