5 Ways to get yourself out of the writers funk: dealing with writers block

5 Ways to get yourself out of the writers funk: dealing with writers block

I have been blogging now for the past three years and if there is one thing I have learned, blogging with consistency isn’t always easy. When you are trying to write a blog post that is engaging and informative each day to keep your readers busy with news, fun tips and topics of interest that will keep them coming back. It can be difficult coming up with topics to write about, and the dreaded can happen…

Writer’s block can prevent a blogger from pushing their blog forward…

Writer’s block is not fun! It’s painful even at times. Your mind is blank as you stare at the computer screen, waiting for the ideas to just flow. So how can you deal with writer’s block?  How can you get the juices flowing? How can you write engaging articles to help get yourself out of your writers funk?

5 tips to help push through writers block

Tip 1:) Be a fly on the wall — that’s right eavesdrop on conversations around you and have a pen or cell phone handy to jot down notes. Some of my best ideas have come from other people’s conversation. Places they went, struggles they are going through. No matter what we can always relate to other people.

Tip 2:) Reinvent the past — Take moments from your past, your childhood, good times or bad ones and elaborate on them. Write about your summer camping trip, your favorite memories, your childhood sweetheart. This helps you relate not only to human emotion but gets the juices flowing.

Tip 3:) Alternate Endings — Ever read a book where you hated the ending? Or watched a movie and thought you could write that ending way better?  So do it.  Re-write that book or movie ending to be what you would have done. The ideas will begin to flow.

Tip 4:) Edit and Rewrite old Blog Posts — Sometimes the best thing you can do to beat out your writers block is to go back to the beginning.  Start with your old blog posts and rewrite them. Go through and edit your punctuation, change up some of your sentences and breath new life into old articles in your archives.  Doing so may spark a new idea or two…

Tip 5:) Creative Writing Prompts — When all else fails run with some creative writing prompts. Writer’s Digest has some great writing prompts to help get your brain going and work your block out. You don’t have to turn these into blog posts, but can for sure get your brain moving by following some of these writing exercises.

What do you do to help yourself when you suffer from writer’s block?

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Jodi P. Shaw was named one of Vancouver's top 30 most fabulous bloggers in 2010. In the past four years she has appeared on CTV, CBC Radio, Abbotsford News and Times and various other online publications. She is a huge advocate for disabilities, a special needs mom, geek girl and social media junkie. She enjoys writing romance, watching horror and zombie flicks and reviewing products.


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  2. Great tips :) I get inspiration from posts or articles I see online as well. Those can be helpful and spark ideas :)
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