Have you checked out Google Communities yet?


I have been spending some time lately visiting Google Circles, something I hadn’t done lately because between Facebook and Twitter and the array of communities I belong to.  Well… Google just took a back seat.  That was until the recent launch of Google Communities.

Why am I excited about Google Communities?

I love forums. Not sure why but I love the community feel of them. How people can connect and converse on a topic of interest, get help and support one another on that topic.  That is what Google Communities is like.  Google Communities works similar to a forum except the layout is more like Facebook groups where each person posts on the wall.  There is an owner, operator and members.

The best thing about Google Communities, much like Facebook Groups, is that members want to be there for the sole purpose of learning things and sharing information.  They sign up because they want to.

I’ve been thinking lately about starting up a Community for Bloggers who need help with web-design tips. Or maybe a group of bloggers who are moms to special needs kids. Sure we blog about our trials and tribulations but what about a place to share and rant and support each other?

Before starting a community, I recommend joining some to familiarize yourself with the inner workings on how they run. Google Communities is also a great way to boost your business, and Kim Garst has some amazing tips on how they can help both bloggers and business owners achieve their goals.

Before starting my own community, I’m going to take Kim’s suggestions and get a feel for how Google runs things by joining a community first.  I’m starting with a Canadian Bloggers Community. One thing I do know is that Google Circles has helped me connect to new readers and showcase my blog posts. So adding in Communities to that equation is just icing on the better blogging cake!

Have you joined a Google Community yet?




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