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Mom on Strike: day one everyone go to your room!

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The first day of the strike didn’t go quite as I planned, though in parenting and life nothing ever does hahah.  The kids came home from school and immediately I was bombarded with questions and arguing on who gets to talk first. That’s when I pulled out my arsenal.

That’s right. Mom’s on strike!

The sign says so, and man the boys were not pleased. I guess they thought I wasn’t going to go through with it.  They were even less impressed when they each went over their chore sheets taped to the wall in the office area and that dad was going to follow through and make them do their chores.

So there I sat, in the corner with the laptop put away, watching Ellen as the kids tried their hardest to comply with my crazy idea.  It took everything I had not to jump in when dad began arguing with the boys. Nobody was listening to anyone. Tempers were growing, and soon even monkey had tears.

But there I remained quiet, ignoring it and giggling as Ellen and Jillian Michaels began their interview. The boys eye-balling me and probably plotting my demise as they emptied the dishwasher, put away their clean clothes and got to their homework.

Family Values Sign

I know this isn’t going to be easy. The kids are so used to relying on me for everything.  What to take for lunch, what to wear, can they do this or that. Meanwhile dad sits in the corner like a lump of disrespected garbage and well — that doesn’t sit right with me.

FD isn’t the perfect father. Heck no dad is. He tries hard though.  Parenting with a brain injury isn’t always easy. He forgets things so quickly and he’s quick to judge the boys without often giving them any recognition for the things they do good. Kids need positive reinforcement.  So I hope this exercise – me striking helps him and the boys and me, too.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us… Wish us luck!

Have you ever changed things up in your household? What do you do to stop the arguing?

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