It pays to know: budgeting and saving for Disneyland

It pays to know: budgeting and saving for Disneyland


As you know one of my goals this year is to save enough to take a family trip to Disney.  The last time I was at Disney I was sixteen years old and loved every minute of it. So I want to be able to share my experience with my kids, before it’s too late.  But how can you budget and save for Disneyland when you are on a disability?

It Pays To Know: Budgeting for Disneyland is easier than you think with the help from the government.

It Pays to know is a Canadian government website that offers useful tools for families looking for budget-friendly advice. Whether it’s to become debt free, save for some retirement fund or planning a trip to Disneyland for a family vacation (like us).  It Pays to know offers a slue of information easily obtainable for Canadians.

Check out my budget for the year, using the budget calculator on what is spent and money coming in.

Now as you can see, we spend the majority of our money on housing. I think that is the case for the better part of Canadians. Housing is so high right now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t save.  According to my budget, I have just over 7K left over a year. So where is that money going?

Well — I figured out it’s going to nothing. Things like fast food, movies, entertainment. I mean it goes where we want it to. So I need to change that and cut back on spending and focus on saving the money and making sure it goes where we need it to and not where we just want it to.

It Pays To Know has some great tips for saving.


Fact: spending $2.50 a day on coffee costs you $912.50 a year.

Get organized: Record all of your spending so you know where your money goes and where you can cut spending.

Budgeting it never easy, but I know we can do it. I just have to stick to my budget and tell myself no matter what — having a goal that is reachable is worth trying for.  I’m glad I came across It Pays to Know and all the useful information it has to offer, thanks to a woman who bought my purse off bidding wars – LOL.  It not only pays to know but it pays for who you know I guess.

How do you save for a family vacation? What tips and tools do you find useful?


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