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  1. Kerry Sauriol
    Kerry Sauriol at |

    Try these guys for some advice http://www.chf.bc.ca/


    We had our whole complex MVHC ripped apart to deal with mold (but they didn't get all of it) And much blame flung around too. Sucks

  2. martina j
    martina j at |

    I used to work in subsidized housing in both co-ops and non profits.

    When stuff like this is happening and you've reported it to property management and gotten no where you need to take the next step up. and there are actually a few options. Go to your region and speak to those in housing services. Also get your local MP involved

    There is emergency funding available especially for things like mold!!!

    Also the other issues some of your neighbours are having need to be reported too.

    remember that the board members only have so much say, your property management is the other half of the problem!
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