They called him porkchop: Celebrate anti-bullying day

They called him porkchop: Celebrate anti-bullying day


Shane Koyczan was a kid like anyone else. He was bullied as a kid, like many of us and he carried that pain with him.  Instead of lashing out, hating others or even being self-destruction. Shane made a stunning and incredible video that will blow your mind.  It’s powerful and amazing to watch with a message clear to all — Bullying  MUST STOP!




My son is a teen and no stranger to bullying.  In elementary school he got teased because of the kind of underwear he wore, briefs not boxers. Bullying usually is in the form of discrimination and often has no other purpose other than to make the bullies themselves feel superior.

Bullying comes in many forms.  It’s not always physical. Name calling, pushing, shoving, taunting, making fun of, snickering at, gossiping about, putting down.  All of these are forms of bullying and can have a detrimental affect not only on just our youth and children, but even adults are bullied and recognizing the signs can go a long way to stop the madness.

When I was growing up I got called names. Things like FAT, WHALE ON THE BEACH, MOOSE-HEAD, TEASE, FRIGID BITCH, ICE QUEEN, UGLY, MUDLY, MOO-MAUDE, STUPID, SMURF, ODIE DOG and many others.  Funny how I ended up in a relationship with a man who beat the crap out of me, eh!


It was years later, long after I left the abusive relationship and was on my way to a better me. One that recognized my own self-worth, that I was standing in a work help station for employment when I read a poster on the wall about abuse and bullying that it hit me.

We allow ourselves to be bullied. Yes we are victims but we have to take responsibility in that fact. Not knowing your own self-worth or understanding YOU are important just as much as anyone else is a contributing factor that leads to being bullied. And I learned that day the essence of giving someone power over you and how I have the control inside of me to make it stop. So do you!

Pink Shirt Day is one of the most important movements on our planet. How can you give your support?

  • Buy a pink shirt from London Drugs or visit
  • Listen to yourself when you talk to others. Listen to not just words but tone of voice. Then think – is this how I would want to be spoken to – because words can hurt.
  • Follow Pink Shirt Day on  and @pinkshirtday
  • Share your stories and posts on facebook or twitter or social networks so others know they aren’t alone.
  • Support the local school in their Pink Shirt Day movements.
  • Talk to your kids about bullying and the importance of sharing their feelings and not hiding the truth.

Look — we’ve all been pork chops — haven’t we?  That doesn’t mean it’s right. It doesn’t mean it has to continue. Adult, children, youth, age doesn’t matter.  Bullying is harmful, it hurts and there is no reason for it when we live on a planet with so many other issues that we need to contend with it.

Happy Pink Shirt Everyone!


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