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  1. Fordy
    Fordy at |

    I've been going through the same thought process with my dog lately. Asking is it time? Is she suffering?

  2. Brooke
    Brooke at |

    Right now, we're having those discussions about our 13 year old dog. She's always had accidents in the house, but they're becoming more frequent in her bed (causing her to sleep in it). A couple weeks ago, she started losing control of her limbs. The vet warned us it might happen because of an old spine injury. She falls and her limbs will begin to twitch on their own. It terrifies her and it's hard to watch her suffer.
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  3. Erika E
    Erika E at |

    I have never had to put a pet down due to age. Unfortunately there has always been some other reason, sick with cancer or another illness. I think you're right to take him to the vet to get an opinion. I wish you all the best with this terribly difficult decision.

  4. Nancy T
    Nancy T at |

    Not due to age (8) but I had to take my cat Tiger to be put down after suffering with kidney disease. We tried to prolong his life thinking he would get better (loss of weight, not eating properly, urinating so much I had to dump his entire litter box every day) and after an overnight stay at the vet with IV he came home so much his old self. We thought (hoped) he was on the mend. But it wasn't to be. A few days later he was listless and couldn't see to drink from his water bowl. I knew it was time. As difficult as it is you will know when it's time and my heart goes out to you and your family.

  5. Brenda
    Brenda at |

    My family has always had dogs or a cat. We have put animals down before, but once, we did not realize how bad things had gotten and the dog died naturally. It was so sad, but at that point is when we realized that animals will live their lives for us, even to the end. They will do whatever they can muster up the energy for so that we know that they are "okay". I know that it is always impossible to tell when it is time, but I hope that you can tell so that Sir Thomas doesn't suffer like our poor dog did. It's such a difficult decision!
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