Coca Cola More than just a Soft Drink

Coca Cola More than just a Soft Drink

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I love Coke commericals?  I can’t help it, I do.  I’m not a Coca Cola drinker myself, as I gave up dark colas, despite my love for them due to my teeth being so senstivie. But when it comes to commercials, Coke has always brought a smile to my face.

Less Calories? How about Zero Calories.


Remember this one!

If you head to the Coca Cola website you can see all the fun and fantastic stuff they have there. You can read all about how Coke is teaming up and supporting participACTION, providing grant funding for Hockey equipment and ice time. As a hockey mom, I think that’s fantastic Coke is helping out kids who can’t afford to play!

How Coke is helping…

When I read this I was amazed at how far Coca Cola has come. I mean for years soft drinks have been taboo. I don’t think they are so bad and I believe many companies like Coke are trying to do what they can to promote better health, help for the environmentand improve their brand like any other.


Tell us what your favorite Coca Cola Commercial is. For fun Leave a Youtube link in the comments to share with us.


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