Change your life with Bacon and help a family in need!  #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon

Change your life with Bacon and help a family in need! #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon

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Ever have those days as a mom where nothing gets done?  It seems no matter what you do, there is always still something more needing to be accomplished.  Dishes, vaccuming, cleaning the living room, the kids rooms, grocery shopping, changing light-bulbs — the list is never ending. Maple Leaf Foods is now making it easier, and a whole funnier for you to #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon, and in the process you’ll be helping out a family in need!

I busted a gut watching this video.  I literally laughed out loud and felt like I should rush out to buy bacon. My boys love bacon and I thought mmmmmmmmm — maybe Maple Leaf is on to something here. Judge for yourself.

More Video Fun!

There are more videos and more ways to share.  Go here to the Maple Leaf Foods Facebook Page to watch them. The one with the kid making his bed cracked me right up. Truly hilarious!  There is also one with mom in the tub and dad cleaning. Too funny.


For every video you share, Maple Leaf Foods is helping out a family in need by donating a wholesome meal to one Canadian family to the food bank.  There are a lot of mouths to feed in Canada, a lot of families struggling.  This is a great way for you to help them.  So get sharing!

What would you get your family to do for bacon?

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