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Milk Unleashed: Give your kids the calcium they need! #milkunleashed

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As a busy mom on the go, planning trips, outings, places to visit this summer. It’s important that when I pack a lunch and snacks to take along on our family adventures, the snacks are nutritious and have value to them. Milk Unleashed is a great way to help the kids and us stay healthy.

What is Milk Unleashed?

When I pack food, drinks are always on the menu. The boys get thirsty. They get sick of juice and I hate giving them pop. So the only alternative is water, right?  Wrong!

Imagine being able to put milk on your shelf, then grab it and go.  I know what you’re thinking. You cannot just take milk on the go with you. You need ice packs, a cooler, and even then milk spoils if it’s not refrigerated.  Doesn’t it?  Actually no it doesn’t.


Shelf safe milk is not only Grade A and requires no refrigeration until you open it, but it makes it easy for me as a mom to give my boys milk anytime, anywhere, especially when neither of my kids drink enough milk to begin with.

I love milk myself. It has to be cold though, and honestly even I don’t drink enough of it, unless I’m having it in my cereal. Milk as we know keeps our bodies and bones strong and it’s an important part of our kids growing. Just one carton of shelf safe milk has 8 grams of protein and 9 essential nutrients which include: Calcium, A, D and B12, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Riboflavin and Zinc.

Is Shelf Safe Milk Real Milk Though?

Yes it is. Shelf Safe Milk is real milk with no additives, preservatives and requires no refrigeration until opened because it’s flash-heated during pasteurization process and this eliminates bacteria. Shelf safe cartons keep things air-tight, and potential contaminates at bay, making this the right choice for any family.


One thing I absolutely hate is that when I’m buying milk, juice or other alternative drinks, there is absolutely no room in the fridge. A 4 gallon jug takes up loads of space leaving very little room for anything else. I love the idea that I can buy Tetra Paks of shelf safe milk and put it in my pantry, leaving more room in the fridge for other nutritious things like fruits, veggies and left-overs.

Another think that I love is that Tetra Paks come in many flavors. Okay I now not the best in nutrition but I have on occasion bought my kids chocolate or strawberry flavorings which I stir into the milk. You know the syrup stuff?  I know gross, but sometimes they want flavored milk.  Well with many brands of Tetra Paks (shelf safe) milk, you can buy a variety of flavors for your kids that will be a big hit in your house!

Where Can I Buy Shelf Safe Milk For My Family?


Good question. Well sometimes you can find it “on the shelf” other stores may put it near the refrigeration stuff. In Canada brands include Baboo, Store Brands, Chokéo (perfect for lunch boxes for school), Grand Pre.  And if you can’t find a store to help you. You can download a pdf form to take to your store manager to prompt them to stock it for you.  How great is that?

I don’t know about you, but shelf safe milk is a great way to enjoy milk on the go, in the house, for lunches and snacks, for school, just about any time you need.  So go ahead and look for your Tetra Paks of shelf safe milk today because milk does a body good!

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You can also get more information on picking up your Tetra Paks of shelf safe milk by stopping by Milk Unleashed’s Facebook Page or following them on Twitter @milkunleashed

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