If you could do #OneNewThing What would it Be?


With my birthday fast approaching and me reaching a major milestone, turning AHHHHHH 40!  October is also breast Cancer awareness month, and being the age I am it’s time I get checked for breast cancer.  It’s a scary thing – being worried about it.  Or at least it was until I stumbled across a site promoting living well and the #OneNewThing movement that makes turning 40 not so scary.

Did You Know…

One in nine Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s the most common cancer in Canadian women and the econd leading cause of cancer death.  Many people think breast cancer is just linked to family history, but that’s not true. In fact only 5-10% of breast cancers are.  So that means more than 90% are linked to other factors, including how we live, where we live, how we work and play.

Living well can prevent one third of breast cancers?  One third!  That’s amazing.  Both my aunt and mother-in-law are breast cancer survivors and honestly when I look at them and how they live, great lifestyles, healthy, working hard but enjoying moments in life. I can understand those odds.

My One New Thing List

I’ve been thinking about this great movement, and watching the video above it showcases how doing something new, anything can lead to a better lifestyle. How many of us want to try to new things, but don’t because we are afraid?  I know I don’t.  But that’s going to change. I’ve create a list of certain things I want to try in my coming years, now that I’m embarking on this new chapter in my life.

Skiing — I’ve never been on a mountain in a pair of skis. I’ve always been too afraid of falling or looking stupid. I know dumb, right?

Driving — Okay hard to believe but I don’t have my drivers license. I’m going to get it. I think it will open a whole new world for me. I’ve put it off for far too long.

Roller Derby — I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I have always wanted to try it. I love being on skates, love being competitive but never had the time with a child with disabilities to try anything like this.

Food — For so many years I’ve put off trying new foods because of fear. Fear I won’t like it, fear it will taste gross.  But not any more. I’m going to tempt my pallet and try new flavours and new foods to broaden my horizons.

Travel — I hate flying. I mean hate it. Me and planes, we don’t agree. Unless you strap a parachute to my behind, I don’t fly.  But I want to visit places now that I’m getting older. I’m tired of seeing pics of friends on Facebook in these exotic places. I wanna be there. So that is my goal, to travel more.

This might seem like a silly list of things to try, but it’s my list.  Why not make one of your own.  Is there anything new you want to try out? There are tons of Canadian women out there trying the #OneNewThing movement. You can read their stories here at http://onenewthing.ca and check out what inspires them.

This October you need to think about your life, as a woman, a mother, sister, friend. You need to think about how you live and play, and ask yourself one question.

What’s your #OneNewThing you are going to try?

[stextbox id=”custom”]This post was brought to you by us in partnership with The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We appreciate you taking the time to read it and enjoy all the feedback  you give. All opinions are 100% my own. [/stextbox]



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  1. caryn s says

    I would love to travel too and trust me driving opens up so many options for you jodi! You won't ever know why you never drove before!

    • Jodi says

      Thanks Caryn, yeah lots of my friends say that. It will open a whole new world for me, driving.

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