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  1. caryn s
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    I had a similar situation when my son was two i used a child harness on him at a park once as i had a newborn in tow too. I had two old bats follow me around the park mouthing off about my kid being on a leash! Finally i confronted the 2 old ladies to which they said they had seen on Dr. Phil a lady dragging her kid around the mall in a similar harness. I told them to mind their own business as my kid was not being dragged and was free to wander around without the risk of being lost. I also told them that they wouldn't be at my house upset when my kid was on the back of a milk carton and to shut up.

  2. AMotherhoodBlog
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    Omg I would have flipped no joke. Similar happened to us a couple years ago we were downtown and my (then) 7 year old daughter went to jump over a puddle in front of the bus stop and her heel hit the end and she splashed like 4 people barely. One lady got SO mad she went up to my kid and said "do you know what you've done!" And reached for her! I slapped the lady's hand away from my kid and told her don't touch my kid, you have No right! She proceeded to try and yell at me about my kid being "wild" I told her it was called an ACCIDENT and my daughter did apologize when it happened. The women took off in a huff and an old man behind me applauded. "I would've done the same thing". People can be so cold and mean!

  3. Erika E
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    Wow. That lady needs to start shopping online. Some people just can't mind their own business and it's sad.

  4. Hillary
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    I'm stunned that she would say that to you. I wouldn't have been able to say anything back. I'd be too busy scooping my jaw off the floor. So sorry you had to experience that. And for your son to have to hear it! Sheesh!
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