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Dear Walmart Lady: Go Float!

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Sometimes I really dislike people. I don’t hate them, but there are times I truly dislike dealing with them. It’s not because they don’t know any better. We’ve been on this planet forever, so you’d think when it comes to things like opinions, tact, voicing your concerns or wanting to give advice. People would refrain from saying things that would automatically put you on the defense.  But unfortunately, sometimes people can be just plain STUPID!


So there I was walking through Walmart, shopping for stuff with my eight year old son in tow.  I knew I needed to get in and out quickly, as he’d been having a bad day.  He was moody, upset and really struggling with things.  My son has bipolar disorder and sensory disorder, and his life has been no piece of cake. He’s a normal healthy little boy, but has some issues (as we all do) to cope with, and so when it comes to things like being around people, noise, lights that cause him to tinker off to tantrum land. I try to be quick when running errands.

It was inevitable that a melt down would occur.  He asked if he could go to see the toys, to which I replied “In a few moments” which he didn’t like.  The conversation hadn’t even really begun when a lady approached and put her hand on him gently telling him he shouldn’t talk to his mother that way. Well HOLY CRAP!  You don’t touch my son.  He doesn’t like it, and he has no qualms about telling you such.  He turned to this woman, evil eyes out and basically told her in no uncertain terms not to talk to him or touch him.  And that’s when this stranger decided to take it upon herself to begin her motherly duty of setting him straight.

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Now what irks me about these kinds of people is EVERYTHING!  First off MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!  It’s not your business to discipline my child or tell him how to behave, and I realize in the grand scheme of thing you feel you are only doing your just duty to help mothers across Canada realize we aren’t doormats to the entitled generation being raised.  But the truth remains that it’s none of your business.


My son began wailing when this woman confronted him, screaming at her, and she began raising her voice to him. My mama bear instincts immediately took over as he was hiding behind me terrified and angry.  She even at one point reached for him again when I stepped forward stopping her.

“He doesn’t like to be touched, please don’t.”

“What is wrong with him?  He needs a spank. You are his mother spank him!”

Yes I can see how it would appear that beating the right into my child may seem appropriate at this present time, there are things you don’t understand.  And she did not want to hear these thing either.

“My son has special needs.” I told her without going into detail as to what he copes with daily.

She frowned at me, rolling her eyes.

“You parents always labeling your kids! What he needs is a father.”  And with that she walked away, leaving me dumbfounded and in awe as she just assumed no father was in the picture and I was a single mom incapable of parenting.

I could not believe my ears!  What?  Are you kidding me?  A perfect stranger who suddenly has decided in five seconds she has me and my son all figured out. Wow!  Next time I’m going to Superstore.  I wish I’d had a tricky come back, something like these. Next time I will try to remember one and use it.

How do you deal with ignorant people?


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