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Rave: Hockey Starts Yipiee!

My son number 35

Aside from the political crap this season with AMHA (Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association) has brought to us parents. This is JJ’s third year playing ice hockey and each time I watch him I get goose bumps.  He’s really improving.

JJ makes a save and fixes his stick

This time we went out to Chilliwack, Twin Rinks.  I sometimes don’t like it because of the intensity of the parents on the other teams, but that’s a given in hockey LOL.  I love to watch all the kids play and as house parents we cheer for everyone, even the other goalie when he makes a big save.

Water break

JJ spent the first part of off ice time warming up with his goalie coach Harry.  Harry has been great for JJ this year, teaching him proper stance, how to use his glove more and his stick.  It’s something that has changed for JJ this year.  The first two years the kids shot low (mostly) so saves were easier to come by.  Now the kids are learning how to shoot high, and JJ is having to learn to use his glove and blocker more.

great save by JJ!

The game started out great.  Our boys were playing well.  Defense was on the ball, checking and forechecking properly, shooting the puck up ice.

Stand tall

The second period was a bit lagging and upsetting.  The boards on the gate where our boys sit on the bench came apart. They tried fixing it several times.  Finally coach Mark took the boys to the dressing room, so they wouldn’t seize up on the ice from standing around and doing nothing.  The kids were skating into one another just for fun!

That a boy cover it up!

Third period started and were down by two goals.  JJ let a bad one in.  I could see it on his face when he looked up at me in the stands, the disappointment he felt in himself.  But the boys came back to within one goal.  We only had three minutes to use in the third because of the board issue and another team waiting to get on ice.  So it could have been a different game if we’d been allotted the proper amount of time.

Still the kids played great and should feel proud of themselves.

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