Welcome to RANTSNRASCALS, a Canadian Family Magazine (blog) written by Jodi Shaw.

This website is for all parents who have stories about their kids they want to share, products we as parents find useful, family outings, the latest in entertainment, easy recipes to make dinner more enjoyable, the latest beauty and fashion trends, and even those moment where as a mom (less than) perfection is about all I can muster for the day.


In 2006 I gave birth to my last child, born with disabilities (mild Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Disorder, and Early-onset Bipolar Disorder). Unable to work as I was already a part-time caregiver to my husband FORGETFUL DAD due to a brain injury he sustained in his teens. I started RANTSNRASCALS in January of 2010 as a way to network with other special needs parents and parents in general.


My idea in the beginning was to blog (or rather) RANT about my RASCALS and the impending doom of MomLife that sparked me on a daily basis. That idea soon turned into a magazine of me sharing not just my parenting pitfalls and life with kids, but also products we used daily, movies we saw, crafts we enjoyed, adventures we went on and new journey’s into parenting with disabilities and dealing with being a blended family. 

The site has since evolved into so much more than just mommyhood, as my hubby picked up the keyboard to create stories of his own, and our son turned to Youtube creating his own channel TraceTalk Kids TV sharing cute stories and his own impression on life, video games and products he loves, while I enjoy watching my rascals grow, change and become young men I adore. 


Social Numbers are important, we know this and at Rants n’ Rascals our numbers are continuing to grow. However what’s more important to us is the relationships we build with the brands we work with. 

Here are some updated numbers about the reach of Rants n’ Rascals

In 2014, Rants n’ Rascals had:

226, 978 total page views
101, 306 unique visitors
125% year-over-year growth compared to 2013

As of July, 2015, here’s how Rants n’ Rascals subscribers break down:  GOOGLE PAGE RANK 4/10

2,927 Twitter (@jpsrants)
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500+ LinkedIn (in/jpsrants)
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70 YouTube (27,469 thousand views, (user/canadianrantsreviews)
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Jodi is a proud mom to Trace and Jake. A published author and freelance writer, she was rated one of Vancouver’s most fabulous top 30 bloggers in 2010.

She has also appeared on CTV, CBC Radio One, Yummy Mummy, Telus Optik TV and has been a driving force on the Internet as one of Canada’s most influential ambassadors working with brands worldwide.

In 2010, Jodi published her first two articles with Chicken Soup for the Soul, and she’s been an active voice on the Internet ever since.

She was nominated three years in a row from CWA as having one of the best parenting, best lifestyle and best-designed blogs on the web today.


Rants n’ Rascals | http://rantsnrascals.com

Created in 2010 Rants n’ Rascals is a lifestyle blog connecting parents and products, sharing a wide variety of topical interests that include, recipes, technology, entertainment, beauty, disabilities and local news and events from the Fraser Valley.

SavvyMom Network | http://www.savvymom.ca

SavvyMom.ca’s is a group of real Canadian moms, who share their reflections on their everyday lives through their blogs, the ups and downs of parenting, recipes, celebrity gossip, tips and home decor, networking, family life & more.


Jodi is a talented creative writer whose words touch the reader’s heart and soul. Easy to work with, she is open to suggestions and direction doing her utmost to create her best writing. I highly recommend her to others.

– Marlene Moore Gordon, Co-Founder at OurBrightSpot.com

Jodi is a talented writer and web designer and a great resource for other bloggers. She is one of my go-to people in BC when hunting for online influencers as she is professional and can promote brands effectively.

– Paula Schuck, Thrifty Mom Media

Jodi worked with me to promote the SmarTrike 4-in-1 Touch Steering Tricycle. She was professional, kept in touch & shared her post with me once it went live. Jodi did a great job getting other moms interested in a product that will benefit them and their children.

– Laura Gambino SWERVE PR


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