How to Fight “I’m bored!” When You’re at the Pool

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It happens to every mom. You’re at the pool enjoying a gorgeous summer day with your kids. Everyone is splashing, laughing, and having a great time. But then you hear it, “I’m bored!” And once one child says it, they all seem to join in. We’ve all been in this spot. I love being in the water and so do my kids, but … [Read more...]

Why Summer Camp Is Good For Kids #campmanitou #summerfun


Sending your child to summer camp can be an emotional experience for both parent and child. Parents have a hard time letting their kids go, to be free to enjoy the things life has to offer. For kids the idea of camp is fun, but being away from home without mom and dad can be scary. So why is summer camp good for kids? To … [Read more...]

Sometimes It’s Okay to Lie #StreamTeam


Do you remember the first little white lie you ever told? I was around five I think, and I lied about something I did but didn't want to get in trouble. As kids we grow up to learn that lying is bad, and as a parent lying is not something I want my kids to do. In fact, both my boys know the way I feel about lying and that … [Read more...]

A Peek At CMU Toronto’s Makeup & Art College


With two of my teens set on deciding their future as they prepare to enter into grade eleven this year. My girl has her sights set on Art & Design. So we browsed several colleges and I found CMU one of North America's Leading schools for Makeup Art & Design located in Toronto. I recently had a chance … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy With Lysol® No-Touch™ Hand Soap System

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Being a parent, you know there are a few things that are difficult in getting your child to do on a regular basis. Clean their rooms, brush their teeth, and wash their hands. With the spread of germs and diseases on the rise, especially throughout the school age years, teaching our kids to keep their hands … [Read more...]