Dragons: Race To The Edge New Series on Netflix #StreamTeam


We are huge Netflix fans in this house, and especially love watching movies on the deck out back over the summer when TV poses a lack of shows to indulge in. Lately I’ve been battling some ailments and so I’ve been binge watching the X-Files (season 2), Frankie and Grace, Orange is the New Black and another […]

We’re Going to See Marvel Universe Live at Pacific Coliseum and I Can’t Wait!


Okay for anyone who truly knows me, I am a huge huge huge Marvel fan. I own every Marvel movie ever made from Dare Devil to SpiderMan (both series) Avengers, Hulk, X-Men, Thor and I can’t wait for the new Dead Pool to come out. So when I heard Marvel’s new live-action show called Marvel […]

Kraft Peanut Butter Raisin Snackbites #MYKPBSNACKBITE


Life in our house would not be complete without Kraft Peanut Butter. It goes back to the days my mom baked peanut butter cookies and the wonderful smell that came from our kitchen growing up as kids, to making PB & Honey sandwiches for my boys while picnicking at the park. Special memories to share over the years.  […]

Scott Stapp of Creed Has Bipolar Disorder and Is No Longer Broken

Photo Courtesy People Now.

Being someone who battles with Bipolar Disorder, it’s wonderful to see more and more Hollywood stars and people of importance coming forward to share their stories. Nobody wants to talk about it, but it’s a real illness that deserves attention. That’s why I’m so happy lead singer of one of my favorite bands ‘Creed’ Scott […]

OPI Soft Shades Collection Elegant and Lovable


With Summer on the horizon, I’m all for pops of color here and there. Bright red, oranges, yellow and even turquoise. On occasion though I prefer softer colors to set a unique and classic look. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with OPI Soft Shades Collection. Soft pastel colors that are rich in pigment and […]