Tranquil Starfish Nightlight from Cloud B


When it comes to getting a great night sleep, my 8 year old Trace has a difficult time. He's scared of the dark. I don't blame him really, the dark can hide shadowy figures and make little ones feel unsafe when mom or dad can't be there. That's why our entire family loves the Tranquil Starfish - … [Read more...]

OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover

opi wipe offs 1

Removing your nail polish is now easier than ever with OPI Wipe-Off Nail Polish Remover. No more cotton swabs, no more scrubbing. Just wipe and go. It's really that easy.  These acetone wipes are perfect for on the go touch ups, to keep in your purse, hand bag or wallet. They are small and … [Read more...]

2014 Vancouver Home + Design Show #giveaway


DIY enthusiasts, gardening, home cooking, recipes, tips from experts, fashionable furniture, decor, renovations. You name it and the 2014 Vancouver Home + Garden Show has something for everyone! Hubby and I attended last years show and it was truly spectacular! There was so much to see and do. … [Read more...]

Scion xB for the Fashionista


My husband posted on the Scion tC calling it a sleek looking vehicle for guys. I agree with him, but I wanted to share my own preference as a woman in the Scion xB that showcases expressive imagination. It's edgy, versatile and has everything a girl wants in order to enjoy her ride. The Scion xB … [Read more...]

Challenges with Sugared Beverages Being Ignored


Did you know that moms are consuming between three to four soft drinks per week? I know for me I drink at least a slurpee a day. Not great, but it's become a bad habit. The average soft drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar per container, and the average 355 ml glass of orange juice has just 8 tsp. A … [Read more...]

Rivers Restaurant Serving Abbotsford and Yarrow


Some days when I wake up after we drop Trace off at school, hubby and I like to pick a place to go and eat breakfast. I get a hankering for a good breakfast. Eggs, hashbrowns, toast, pancakes, bacon or sausage. A good omelette or hot sandwich for brunch. And my favorite places to go are mom and pop … [Read more...]