Let’s Celebrate Spring Harvest With Glad

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Spring is one of the best times of year mainly because it's not cold outside anymore, and it means summer is just around the corner. The sun comes out and the days are longer. The kids bask and enjoy its warmth while playing outside, as the flowers bloom. It's a time where raccoons come to visit us on the back porch, … [Read more...]

Kraft Peanut Butter Raisin Snackbites #MYKPBSNACKBITE


Life in our house would not be complete without Kraft Peanut Butter. It goes back to the days my mom baked peanut butter cookies and the wonderful smell that came from our kitchen growing up as kids, to making PB & Honey sandwiches for my boys while picnicking at the park. Special memories to share over … [Read more...]

New Speckled Fun With Essie! #nails #essienails


  Press Sample I'm loving spring's jump to summer coming. Fashion industries are booming with new clothing lines, and the beauty world is pumping out so many fun and unique options for make-up, fragrances, jewelry and nails. Take Essie for instance and their New Speckled Nail Art Tutorial. Watch it … [Read more...]

Married At First Sight #RealityTV #MarriedAtFirstSight


Can you marry someone you don't know and make it work? Can you fall in love? That's the concept behind A&E reality show Married At First Sight, and I'm totally hooked to this show. Why? Because it's a true testament to how married life, love and reality combine with one another. 6 strangers meet for the first time on … [Read more...]

Dealing With Depression Is No Excuse

dealing with depression is no excuse

I grew up knowing I was different. I don't remember the first moment I knew, I just did. I felt different. I felt sad all the time, unhappy with life and the people around me. I felt as though the world was coming to and end every second I was in it, and even at times felt the world would be better off without me in … [Read more...]

OPI Soft Shades Collection Elegant and Lovable


With Summer on the horizon, I'm all for pops of color here and there. Bright red, oranges, yellow and even turquoise. On occasion though I prefer softer colors to set a unique and classic look. That's why I've fallen in love with OPI Soft Shades Collection. Soft pastel colors that are rich in pigment and easy on the eyes, … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day is just around the corner, and for those last minute shopping, we've put together a few nifty ideas for mom. Remember to pamper, engage, delight and beautify mom's senses. But most of all, remember to say "I Love You!" because that's more important than anything!    1. Sunkissed Pearls … [Read more...]

OPI Color Paints: Mix & Match Your Style


Hey guys today I want to introduce you to the newest collection from OPI where style holds no boundaries. OPI Color Paints Collections. A truly unique and remarkable collection allowing you to beautify your nails anyway you want!   So What Exactly Are Color Paints? They are 9 blendable colors. Remember as a … [Read more...]