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Start Your Morning with the Weetabix #MyBixMix Challenge

2015-05-18 14.28.32

  If there is one thing I enjoy in the morning it's a hearty breakfast, but I don't always have the time. Between waking the rug-rat for school, making his lunch and getting things going in the morning. Sometimes I forget to eat. And unlike the other family members of the Shaw household, I absolutely love my … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to a Legend: Pat Quinn


  From the time I was a kid and put on a pair of skates and held a stick in my hand, I knew his name. Pat Quinn is a hockey icon in the industry and through the years I watched as he took my favorite team the Canucks and favorite players into realms I couldn't imagine. He was the last coach to win gold at the Junior … [Read more...]

Scion xB for the Fashionista


  My husband posted on the Scion tC calling it a sleek looking vehicle for guys. I agree with him, but I wanted to share my own preference as a woman in the Scion xB that showcases expressive imagination. It's edgy, versatile and has everything a girl wants in order to enjoy her ride. The Scion xB is a sweet … [Read more...]

Hyundai Introduces 2015 Genesis Sedan with Lane Assist


  I am a huge car lover and father, so when vehicles are continuing to produce innovative technology to help make our lives not only easier as parents and consumers, but also safer. I think it's worth a mention. Hyundai introduces the 2015 Genesis Sedan with Lane Assist.  You Have to See This! It never ceases … [Read more...]

Top 5 Fastest Cars in the World 2014


I've always been a car guy, and especially cars that race, being I'm a huge Nascar fan.  So when my wife asked me the other day what are the fastest cars in the world, it got me thinking what a fun blog post that would be for others who don't know.  Now these cars are based solely on production.  It's hard to measure the … [Read more...]