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When it comes to buying a new or used car, I will admit that I hate it. It’s not fun, looking and looking, crunching numbers, seeing what you can afford, never knowing if you can trust a dealer or not. And if you aren’t careful you could find yourself in a position like we were in, with no vehicle and apparently no hope to get one because of credit issues.  At least that is until we went to West Star Motors in Chilliwack, BC

Just Some of What West Star Has For You!

To be honest our credit isn’t that great and I thought nobody would be able to help us. We went to so many different dealerships, and then a friend recommended West Star Motors, and within a week Tulsi and his team had us approved and good to go. In business for 15 years, West Star Motors knows the car business, and they treated us great when we were there. Their staff was incredible, fast and efficient.  They also gave us some great tips and points on how to rebuild our credit, going above and beyond what hubby and I expected.

There are many great tips out there for buying a used vehicle. One of the biggest and a piece of advice I would give is to listen to what others are saying about the dealership you plan on working with. It makes a huge difference!

West Star Motors took care of everything for us, right from the start. When we were set up and ready, we headed out to the lot to look around at a few vehicles. I had already gone online to see what they had in stock within our price range, as well as did some digging online to get reviews on used vehicles and what consumers had to say about the choices we had in mind.

2010 Dodge Avenger SE

We ended up getting a red Dodge Avenger SE in great shape, 2010 and drives amazing. Hubby is so happy with the choice. At first I was leary about a car, because my son plays hockey. But the trunk on this car can fit three grown adults with room. I was really surprised, and it’s good on gas for city driving which is what we mostly do anyhow.

West Star Believes in Great Customer Service!

After we picked the Avenger as our car of choice, Tulsi immediately got to work. Most of the pre-approval stuff we did over the phone and via email, so we didn’t even need to go to the lot and come back. That was super easy and nice. Tulsi and his staff, including wife Angela handled everything.  You can read review from their customers on their Facebook page, one of the things that made us go visit West Star in the first place, because as a blogger when regular people are giving great reviews. Well — you should listen.

We were at West Star Motors from about two pm till five pm, and we drove away with our (used) new to us car and couldn’t be happier. Tulsi and his staff were wonderful. They washed our car before we left, made sure all the paper work was done, had a fantastic insurance agent come within five minutes to get that out of the way, papers signed and everything good to go before we left. I couldn’t be happier with their service.


West Star likes their customers and appreciates their Facebook Fans. So much so they are doing another great big giveaway! I will be doing a separate post on the giveaway, but for now and to use your imagination – think the sea, sand, sun and fun that will help you cruise along! Be sure to check back or follow us to see what the big prize is!  Or head on over to their FB page and enter right now!

If you head down and see Tulsi and his team or visit them on FB please tell them rantsnrascals sent you or you heard about them here. We’d appreciate it!

Visit West Star Motors Today!


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I’m a curvy girl. I wear mostly a size 18 in pants, size 1x or 2x in dresses and tops and I’m short to boot, so finding clothes that fit for a bargain is extremely difficult for me.  That’s why I’m so thrilled today to tell you all about one of my favorite Facebook Groups – Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars.

What Is Bidding Wars?

Okay well if you haven’t been on a site like this, it’s pretty straight forward. People auction off clothing, accessories, purses, shoes, belts, make-up, nail polish, anything that makes the outfit stylish.  They choose a starting bid, and members come in and bid on the items.  Most auctions run 24 hours, but some items can be purchased for a BIN (Buy It Now) Price. If you click BIN the auction is over and the item is yours. If you bid on it, and have the highest bid at the end of the auction you win the bid.  Then you set up a time to pick up the item from the seller. That’s it!

Quality Clothing at More Than Reasonable Prices!

One of the main things I love about Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars is that most items have low starting bids. You can pick up a gorgeous blouse for $4 bucks, or a cute summer dress for $12.  And many of the items are from brands that you know and love! I love browsing through the auctions, new stuff is added daily. There are cute purses, shoes, make-up (brand new) and other goodies that I would pay almost double in the stores for.

Sell Your Stuff & Make Some Money!

Another great thing I like about being a member of Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars is that I have items I don’t wear anymore and don’t want to just throw them out. So I take a picture of what I want to get rid of, pop up my post, throw out my starting bid and make a few bucks selling my used clothing that someone else will bid on win, and love!  How perfect is that?

If you are looking for great clothing, accessories and other items to make your outfit pop and want to be a member of Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars — head on over to their Facebook Group Page and click on Join!  Don’t forget to tell the moderator Ashley, a wonderful girl that we sent you.

Happy Bidding!




If you haven’t been to Highstreet in Abbotsford you don’t know what you are missing.  600,000 square feet of shopping located right off Mt. Lehman exit.  Attached to it a Cineplex Odeon theater, restaurants, cool stores, Marshalls and Walmart and one of the largest London Drugs I’ve ever been to.

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek inside the new store before it’s grand opening back in June.  This is the 77th store and it’s built to perfection.  We were thoroughly impressed!  The store is carefully laid out, clean and vibrant.


One of the first things you will notice upon entering the store is the cosmetics section. It’s one of the largest I’ve seen, boutique layout and feel, carrying every kind of fragrance, facial, beauty and brand you can think of.  I could have spent all day wandering around it.


Speaking of wandering… The store is massive. I know I said that already, but it really is huge compared to the one located at West Oaks Mall on South Fraser Way.  It has everything you need for daily living, electronics, beauty, health, fitness, food and more.


I love visiting the electronics department at London Drugs. The calibre of products they carry goes above and beyond. The sales staff is always friendly to boot. This new facility is 36,219 square feet and features everything you’ve come to know and love about the store.  An open concept store it also includes some interesting key factors worth mentioning.

  • Learning lab where customers can learn from London Drugs experts
  • Advice on products like skin care, technology, computers, cameras and workshops
  • Health and Wellness Clinics

When I asked the manager of the store why Highstreet?  The answer was simple: “It’s a great location, a place people can come and grab a coffee, visit with friends and catch a movie, and hopefully find everything they need at London Drugs.”


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Have you visited the new London Drugs at Highstreet?