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Mom you’ve been replaced: Teen Chronicles

Boy & His Dog

Those are the words I heard and I will admit my heart kinda exploded as the phrase rolled off my fifteen year olds tongue. I was being replaced, or had been already.  So now what?  I sat for a bit and thought about it, fretting off the tears that threatened as I watched him walk hand in … [Read more...]

The Technicolor Rainbow of Motherhood

Brother Love 2

There are so many days I get up and wonder, looking at my boys, am I doing the very best I can?  I think all moms go through this. Maybe some more than others. I know for me, every day is a challenge -- being a mom.  And not because I don't love it. Not because I have bad kids (because I … [Read more...]

Should Parents allow Teenage Sleepovers?

lets-talk-about-sex (1)

I am the mom of a teenage son. He's almost fifteen and in the last six months gained a girlfriend that he is very serious about. In fact both of them are quite serious in their feelings of one another, as most young adults are when love is in bloom and everything is new and exciting, and there is no … [Read more...]