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Finding Peace With The Snow at 1am

dear diary

So for the past several weeks our lives have been one big giant roller coaster.  We waited to move and waited to move, then moving day finally came and I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I felt. The moment we walked into our new house, I felt so emotional - like we were starting something new.  The … [Read more...]

Top Three Free Online Photo Editors 2013


I often get asked this question when I'm designing something for someone looking to do more with their photos then just showcase them online.  Are there any free (online) photo editors I can use that will do what I need, aside from Photoshop? The answer is yes. In fact there are quite a few, but … [Read more...]

Pins of the Week: Falling for Fall


Pinterest is one of my favorite places to visit daily, yes I said daily. I can't help it. There's no other place I go to find great recipes, home decor ideas, amazing contest and giveaways, the hottest products on the web and more. So I decided that every week on Wednesday's I'm going to showcase a … [Read more...]