Topics are: raising a bipolar child, sensory disorder, traumatic brain injury, dealing with depression and anxiety, cerebral palsy, being a caregiver and being a special needs parent. For us there is no such thing as special needs only special abilities!

Dealing With Depression Is No Excuse

dealing with depression is no excuse

I grew up knowing I was different. I don't remember the first moment I knew, I just did. I felt different. I felt sad all the time, unhappy with life and the people around me. I felt as though the world was coming to and end every second I was in it, and even at times felt the world would be better off without me in … [Read more...]

Monday Rant: Bipolar In Children and Anger Issues


I hate Monday's and no it's not because I'm like Garfield. It's because Monday's for us consist of turmoil, raging, tantrums, yelling, emotional boundaries being broken or hidden and having to sit and watch while our son struggles leaving us feeling utterly helpless. Trace has always had trouble with Monday's. … [Read more...]

How to prepare for Aging or Living with Disabilities


Having spent the past 3 weeks going back and forth to the hospital to visit my mom who had a heart attack recently and is waiting to undergo open heart surgery, I began to notice while wandering around the hospital how everything is so not made for people in wheelchairs or physically incapable of proper mobility.  All … [Read more...]

What Special Needs Parents Want You To Know


Most days I can handle things. In fact most days, despite having bipolar disorder, I can even spend the day smiling. But some days are more of a battle. Some days I want to scream at my friends. I want to scream at my family. I want to scream at the people who mean the most to me, who are suppose to support and understand … [Read more...]

One step closer: parenting with a brain injury


Some days I feel like referee in my own home. Slap on a black and white striped shirt, and watch me as I blow the whistle and make sure everyone heads to their proper corners to cool down.  At first I thought it was because -- they're boys.  You know how father's and sons can be, right?  But as time went on, I realized … [Read more...]