Traveling is always fun. But it's important to budget, spend wisely, know where you are going, how to get there, what to expect and more. Here is where we share what we know for not only the places we've been, but places we want to visit, too! Let's go on an adventure together!

Miami Fun – An Enjoyable Day Out


Miami may be home to a population of almost half a million, but the extra millions of visitors per year are what arguably makes it one of Florida's most popular vacation spots. Many of these people are vacationing families who come to enjoy the beaches, the sunny weather and the sightseeing options. With the sheer wealth … [Read more...]

Sea to Sky Gondola Open Squamish, BC


  The new Sea to Sky Gondola is now open in Squamish, BC and it's been a big hit so far!  What can visitors expect when they arrive? Well breathtaking views, a wonderful ride on a state of the art Gondola that lifts you high above the mountains, hiking trails and a suspension bridge. But there's so much more … [Read more...]

5 of Brisbane’s Best Chocolate Cafes


If you find yourself with a bit of a confection obsession and can honestly say that watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” makes you salivate in seconds, you no doubt love to check out the chocolate cafes that have been popping up around the world. If you’re planning a visit to Brisbane, you’ll be pleased to know … [Read more...]

Travel Pitfalls: what to watch for


Going on vacation can sometimes be costly, especially if you don't plan things out. Expenses can get out of hand, and little things begin to add to up. So you want to be as ready as possible for what's coming around the corner, or anything that comes up. Here are some travel pitfalls: and what to watch for. Restaurant … [Read more...]

Summer Picnics and Road Trips


One thing I absolutely love about summer is taking a road trip.  And because I have boys who are always hungry, going on a road trip means packing a picnic lunch. Health Canada has some advice for parents on what to pack and bring while road tripping.     I love trail mix, so do my boys. They love the … [Read more...]