Plugged ears from a sinus infection causes real trouble


Pardon what did you say? I’m sorry i’d ask you speak louder but my ears are on vacation.

That’s my new phrase nowadays and one that I use – oh at least a thousand times a day.  “Sorry what was that? I didn’t catch that. I didn’t hear what you said.”  In fact, I haven’t heard anything out of my right ear since before Christmas and I’ve tried everything.  I have plugged ears from a sinus infection.

It started when we all got the flu.  I knew right away it was going to turn into something worse for me, it always does.  I either get bronchitis or I get a sinus infection.  I was hoping for the bronchial thing, but no way in hell I was gonna get a Christmas wish like that.  Nope, the gods of sickness decided — sinus infection all the way.

So there I was over the holidays, feeling miserable, practically living in my pajama’s (not that) being sick had anything to do with it. Seems lately I’m always living in my pajama’s. Who needs clothes?  Right?  And I was trying to do everything I could to clear my sinuses and the water – feeling I had in my ear.

I tried hot compresses.

I tried a heating pad.

I tried strong cough candies.

I tried Vicks Vapor rub.

I put my ear over boiling water and hung my head there several times a day.

Nothing was working!

Finally I caved in and went to the medi-clinic here in Abbotsford. I ended up getting antibiotics.  I started taking them and finished taking them, and nope. Still my sinuses are blocked (somehow) even though now I can breath easier.  So back to the doctors I went. 

This time the doctor gave me a nasal prescription.  Guess what?  It’s not working!  I’m ready to bust a cap in someone’s you know what. Not that I believe in violence, because I’m a mom – violence is terribly wrong.  But I cannot stand this anymore.

Today I woke up with the worse sinus headache ever!  The pain shot right through the back of my skull, toward the front of my face and into my eyes.  It was truly horrible, and for all those people who suffer from headaches (cause I don’t) on a regular basis.  I am bowing down to you and weeping for you and the pain you go through.  It’s absolutely horrible!

I don’t know what to do.  My doctor now says it could be months and months before I get in to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.  I don’t know if I can go that long without hearing.  I worry that the water he says is behind my ear drum might be causing permanent damage, and if it is.


I really do hate this. Not only is it affecting my ears, but I’m so damn tired lately. I feel sick, but most of the symptoms have gone away, except for the hearing thing.  Well — that and I’m friggin blowing my nose every two minutes for parts of the day and then other parts of the day I can breathe just fine.  It makes no sense to me.

I never understood (yes I took for granted) something as simple as being able to hear my kids laugh, cry or talk to me about their day.  I mean I can still kinda hear, but not great.  Mostly everyone is speaking and see their lips moving but NO SOUND.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Have you ever had a really bad sinus infection with plugged ears?