Sometimes It’s Okay to Lie #StreamTeam


Do you remember the first little white lie you ever told? I was around five I think, and I lied about something I did but didn't want to get in trouble. As kids we grow up to learn that lying is bad, and as a parent lying is not something I want my kids to do. In fact, both my boys know the way I feel about lying and that … [Read more...]

Learn About Science With Netflix #StreamTeam


It's learning month here in the Shaw household, and we've been engaging our brains and learning so much stuff lately. It's been tons of fun. We took a trip to Stave Falls Visitor Center recently to learn all about how electricity was first created and the learning didn't stop there. Throughout March and April, our family … [Read more...]

Celebrating Year Two As A Netflix #StreamTeam Ambassador


Last year was my first year working with Netflix Canada and I absolutely loved it! We are huge movie fanatics in our house, especially myself and long before Netflix even became popular I was one of the first using the service, watching whatever I could. The company has grown so drastically over the past several years and … [Read more...]

Get Mysterious This October with Netflix #streamteam


October is the month for mystery on Netflix. It's the time of year kids love to explore. The leaves are beginning to fall, goblins and ghosts are just around the corner, and kids love discovering new things. One of our all time favorite shows when my boys were growing up was Blues Clues. Both my boys loved hunting for clues … [Read more...]

Netflix #StreamTeam August Rush

2014-07-19 17.26.42

  I can barely believe it's nearly mid way through August.  Most people are gearing up for back to school, while we in BC are waiting to find out if our kids are even going to go to school this year, with the teacher's strike happening.  That hasn't stopped us from squeezing out every last drop of summer … [Read more...]