What if you had a million dollars? Publishers Clearing House Contest

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Wow! $1 Million dollars. What would I do?  What would you do?  Twenty bucks is a lot of money, I cannot even fathom having that kind of money, which is exactly what Publishers Clearing House is giving away.  Now you can Enter to win $1 Million dollars and $5,000 every week FOR LIFE! 

Can you image never having to worry about feeding your kids? How about being debt free?  Owning your own home, maybe?  These are just a few things people think about when it comes to winning a large amount of money and all the things they could do.

What would I do if I won?

FD and I have talked about this in length from our broken down four bedroom townhome we rent on subsidy. So as you can imagine there are tons of things I’d do. Here are just a few…

As you can see the options are limitless when it comes to having money.  Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy comfort and provide for others.   You can’t win if you don’t enter.  As my son says you have to RISK IT TO GET THE BISCUIT!

Do you remember seeing the Publishers Clearing House Videos?  You know where the person answers the door and the Prize Patrol is their and everyone starts freaking out as their check is presented.  Imagine if they knocked on your door and presented you with a big giant check that could change your life forever?

This Could Be You!


You can “Win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize” from Publishers Clearing House. Imagine what comforts that can bring?   This contest is so different from many others out there because is so different from so many others because not only do you get a big lump sum of $1 Million to start living your life as a millionaire, which is just too cool for words. But the winner also gets $5000 a week FOR LIFE!  Not bad eh?  The best part is your don’t need to buy anything to enter.

To enter simply click on any of the pictures or links in the post.  A big thanks goes out to Publishers Clearing House for sponsoring this content for discussion today. All opinions are 100% my own.

Now tell me what would you do if you had $1 Million Dollars to spend?